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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Ku Dolla Making Beats

KU4REAL a.k.a. Ku Dolla is Making beats in Logic X from start to finish. The basics of building your tracks and finding the right sounds and drums for your production. Making hot beats depends on the listener also lets not forget that important fact but good 808 drums and dope melodies create an easy sell for your beats.
New Single Coming Soon "GET 2 IT" Should enjoy this if you're a lover of rap skills coupled with dope melodies hard 808s driven by edgy lyrics.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Coalition Djs New Music Monday Video

In life there are numerous things we can do to demonstrate expression and let others know how we feel. A few people sing, a few people compose verse and spoken word, some retreat inside themselves and hold everything inside. Others move the crowd. Moving the crowd has for quite some time been an approach to express a wide scope of emotions by using song and dance. It is an incredible outlet for the feelings that on occasion our psyches basically can't process. DJing is a technique where you can work through those people's feelings and somewhat help onward their life regardless of the changes they may be going thru.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Book Your Session

Coming to visit Atlanta or you stay in Atlanta?! Need a dope recording studio?! Then RICHMIX STUDIOS is for you. Multiple recordings rooms. Also our engineers are very experienced with over 20 years of professional music production and mixing. Lets make a deal to get your next project done by Ku Dolla & Dj Black Charm. It's All On You!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

   Ku4Real arises from Atlanta, Ga known as the music capitol of the world. His story starts in the now torn down projects of Atlanta where drugs, robbery, murder & prostitution were common elements of life in the trap. Ku4real is now an emerging artist born son of a musician Jerry Allen & singer Ruby Johnson. With those genes being passed on, production and melodies became natural tools in the studio but the streets were calling. "Losing close family members and friends forced me to focus more on my talents & i was going to be a father" says Ku4Real. After hearing numerous stories of instances of criminal behavior Ku4Real still remains humble "All praises to Hayah only He can watch over us and save us from near brushes with death and rescue us from ourselves". With that being said Ku4Real continues to explore the world of entrepreneurship by creating mobile game apps TRAP TOWN ATLANTA in the google play store, fashion, merchandise, studio design, teamed up with Decatur Redd (well known emerging artist from Atlanta also) to create a production company called GrindBoss Ent, an independent label entitled Get A Billion Baby Ent. Currently working with top record breaker Dj FunkyAtl of The Coalition Djs producing numerous projects which only takes a moment to google the names and find multiple artists of whom they've worked with. GABB for short and also partnered with Richard 'Shock Money' Stephens to open GrindBoss Kitchen (@grindboss_kitchen).

  Now lets talk about the music! Ku4Real - 'Im Kool' is a instant Banger for djs and music lovers alike. The beats are exceptionally produced and the lyrics although edgy are a great compliment to Ku4Real's production. Some of the songs are great for dancing and there are those couple of songs that make you want to just "Turn TF Up" like Ku4Real would say. While listening you can hear the deep soul of the south couple with hard 808 drums which is a must if you're from the ATL so says Ku4Real also pianos, synths, guitars on some and hypnotic southern lyrics. This is a great listening experience for music lovers of all cultures.

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